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A Retrospective of an Indian Photography Festival

An Introduction

PondyPHOTO: A Retrospective of an Indian Photography Festival is a special tribute to a unique public event in India. The visual impact of the large scale, flex printed exhibitions in an old arak distillery in 2014 and a vacant port complex has been captured in over 100 stunning color photographs spread over 211 pages.


The hardcover publication recognizes each contributing photographer by showing not only their work on the wall, but also the text associated with their series and to the issue addressed. It also offers a series of essays by various professionals (see list below) associated with the event which address how they saw the families, children and tourists as well as other photographers and artists react to this special multi-level educational and entertaining community event as well as a longer article by the editor describing the challenges and opportunities creating such an event in India represents.


Kasha Vande

Contributing Authors:
Andreas Deffner (Germany/India)


James Whitlow Delano (USA/Japan)


Cheryl Newman (UK)

Curator; Photography Director; Faculty of Bilder Nordic Photography School, Oslo

Waswo X. Waswo (USA/India)

Artist; Author; Collector

Dinesh Khanna (India)

Co-Founder Delhi Photo; Trustee, Nazar Foundation


Book Design:

After originally being a design initiative
for branding by Roni Shalev, Nir Halali, Madeleine
Meixner, Lisa Rinaldi and Paulina Porten at
the University of Applied Sciences Hamburg under
the supervision of Professor Stefan Stefanescu, A
Retrospective of an Indian Photography Festival
been voluntarily completed thanks to the incredible
dedication of the two German design students
Paulina Porten and Lisa Rinaldi over a course of two


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