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Solo and Group Exhibitions

Video Courtesy of Jeremy Carroll

Created to get art out there for the public in a non exclusive environment, EXPOSURE (previously under PondyART) presents large format photography exhibitions that center around a theme of building awareness of global issues in public spaces. The team works together challenging the more traditional approach to exhibition installation and breaking convention by experimenting with venue, material, lighting, scale and presentation. Exhibitions have been presented on city streets, prominent institutions as well as in vacant properties in an economical and yet strikingly unique style. Exhibitions have covered issues such as challenged communities, specific regions and their tribal inhabitants, religious rituals and environmental issues. Work by both emerging and internationally recognized photographers has been presented as well as curated collections from historical archives and research projects.


Images from top, left to right


Art is Life

Subrata Biswas_India 2017

The Big Indian Street Picture

Dhruv Dhakan and Swarat Ghosh_India 2014


Sathish Kumar_India 2016

Moving Image

Group Exhibition_India 2014

Driving Force

Group Exhibition_India 2016

Children of Faith

Olya Morvan_France 2014

In My Backyard

Amirtharaj Stephen_India 2013


Kaushal Parikh_India 2013

Environmental Consciousness

Senthil Kumaran_India 2013

The Sacred Name of Ram

Yannick Cormier_France 2013

Portrait Dravida

stars.archive_France 2018

The Karen on Andamans

Andreas Deffner_Germany 2014

Photo Courtesy of Andreas Deffner

Kumbh Photo Sewa

Varun Gupta_India 2013

Positive Mothers

Srikanth Kolari_India 2013

The Unreasonables

Girl in the Galli_India 2013

Isolation | Inclusion

Rahul Dhankani_India 2013

Confessions of an Evil Orientalist

Waswo X. Waswo_USA 2013

Photo Courtesy of Pablo Bartholomew

NH8_The Road Kings

Peter Kabel_Germany 2014

D.A.T.A.H. Digital Archive of Tamil Agrarian History

French Institute of Pondicherry_India 2017

Heritage of Family

stars.archive_India 2016

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