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EXPOSURE started its efforts to "get art out there" in Pondicherry, India as the PondyART Foundation where we produced over 40 solo and group exhibitions, 2 editions of the public PondyPHOTO festival, and over 100 performances, free workshops, presentations, screenings and roundtables in association with government, institutions, and commercial collaborators.


Now we are based in Paris, France and finding new ways to increase the visibility of artists, especially photographers, and academics by building new partnerships, facilitating cross-cultural community access and revitalizing public spaces creatively and imaginatively. 

We work with artists and academics to produce content and events customized to space and a public audience to produce and support:


  • Exhibitions

  • Public Festivals

  • Workshops

  • Performances

  • Academic Presentations

  • Grant Applications, etc.

We welcome opportunities for collaboration in the arts, research and education.  

Our Story

Who We Are


Kasha Vande


Based in India from 2001-2018 she was Founding Trustee of the PondyART Foundation (2013-2018) which focused on building awareness of the issues challenging India through public art events including exhibitions, performances, screenings, etc. Over 35 exhibitions and 150 performances and events were produced under her coordination. Over the past five years she has collaborated with IFP, CEIAS, EHESS and CNRS and associated researchers to curate and produce their projects as public exhibitions. For her efforts in arts and culture she was selected as an ARThink South Asia Fellow in 2015-2016.


In 2014, Vande was Co-Director of the first edition of the PondyPHOTO festival, ADIVASI, and went on to become Director for the 2016 edition, WATER, which included exhibitions by 65 Indian and internationally renowned photographers and 60 public events for 100,000 visitors. 

Vande's first book, PondyPHOTO: A Retrospective of an Indian Photography Festival, will be published in 2021.

Kasha works as a free-lance translator and editor supporting anthropological research on South Asia.


She has a Masters in Architecture from Tulane University. 


Zoe Headley


Zoe is a Social Anthropologist and

Co-director of CEIAS.  She is associated with CNRS and the French Institute of Pondicherry. 


Her primary focus is on caste and justice in South India, but in 2013 she developed a new project  examining the emergence, diffusion and consumption of portrait photography in South India. “Studies in Tamil Studio Archives and Society (STARS)” focuses particularly on the social, economic and technical history of photo studios and “subaltern” photography from 1880-1980.  The distinctive feature of the STARS project is its unique analytical framework: social science researchers, archival and conservation professionals collaboratively monitor and scientifically enhance the constitution of a yet unpublished  archival collection and collectively with the support of international artists and photographers, develop the technical, aesthetic and contextual elements with which to effectively analyze a century of South Indian studio portraits.


Lisianne Lynn Duval


Lisianne is currently a student of International Art Market Management at Ecole EAC and a graduate of the Sorbonne in History of Art and Archaeology. She has particular interest in curation and contemporary performance and believes equal representation in the art market should be standard practice.  She was an intern at the Château of Montsoreau Museum of Contemporary Art in 2019 and volunteered at the PondyPHOTO festivals in 2014 and 2016.  Her interest in the arts started in India where she studied Odissi and Bharatnatyam as a child, later transitioning to contemporary dance and adding training in voice.

Lisianne has lived on three continents and multiple islands around the world and has a unique cross cultural perspective.



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