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EXPOSURE works with artists not only to bring their work to the public in physical spaces, but also  to increase the effectiveness of their public communications on virtual platforms and in print.

The EXPOSURE Team is multi-cultural.  All three current officers are Franco-American and multi-lingual with knowledge of French, Spanish, Tamil and English and we have each lived and worked in multiple countries on various continents.  We understand the difficulties of working in foreign environments and building cross-cultural visibility.   Our  professional networks are extensive in Europe and South Asia and our combined international experience covers more than 5 decades of communicating, editing, curating, designing, sourcing, producing, installing and promoting, often working in very challenging conditions.

Through this wide range of experience we have discovered that "everything is possible"  by thinking innovatively and creatively. We also learned how to get things done - within a budget, within a time frame, and with a high standard of presentation under almost any conditions.  Let us do it for you.

So, why should you work with EXPOSURE?


The EXPOSURE team has produced over 35 individual and group exhibitions, over 150 public performances as well as two editions of an international festival involving 100 artists, performers and filmmakers. 

This is what we can do for your artistic event:

  • Exhibition Preparation

    • Concept Design

    • Budget Development

    • Curation

    • Exhibition Design

    • Production

    • Installation

    • Takedown Management

    • Packing, Shipping Coordination

  • Event Management

    • Concept Design​

    • Budget Development

    • Funding and Disbursement

    • Staging

    • Sound and Light Coordination

    • Scheduling

    • Artist Management

    • Marketing and Promotion



We are dedicated to creating innovative events that exceed artist and partner expectations, meet budgets and broaden audiences.  We would love to discuss your project with you and how we can help you make it AMAZING!  Contact EXPOSURE today!

Here at EXPOSURE, we understand the challenges faced by artists who often find their productivity hindered by the need to spend time building personal visibility and promoting their work.  These are just some of the ways we can help!

  • Writing and Editing Services

    • Content Development/Editing/Copy Editing/Proofreading Services

    • Artist Statement Development and Editing

    • Project and Grant Proposal Development, Preparation and Submission

    • French to English Translation  

  • Online Presence Development

    • Visibility Consultation Services

    • Website Design and Management

    • Image Preparation, Editing and Sizing

  • Image Management

    • Photography Post Production Services

    • Exhibition Print Production and Quality Management Services



The EXPOSURE team has successfully collectively supported emerging and established artists, photographers and archives building proposals, enhancing visibility and documenting and promoting their work for over a decade.  Contact us to let us help support you!